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Sunday, October 6, 2013


"BONUS" Post.....

Original Post here: Mr.666 & The Press.

Here the "king" 666 Antichrist, ANNOUNCING The NWO, & MOCKING the naive and mostly BOUGHT White House Correspondents Press.

This Speech was given 3 DAYS before I posted the one of the NWO & the 666, on CHILDREN (Whoever is NOT like C...) Day in Mexico (Achilles Heel).

(2 Corinthians 4:4), and master puppeteer......

"I WARN YOU about THIS, Second Term (2015 = His 7 YEAR as a LIAR in Chief......) Baby! 

We are CHANGING Things AROUND HERE a "little bit".  


FOX "News"...

"The DYING Committee....."

WHY do YOU think he mentions RUBIO, because I AM The ONE (Agent 777) from Jehovah & Jesus Christ, he has got an ARMY (at least 300 I have seen) of people SURVEILLING Me 24/7 since when he TOOK Office in January 2009.

They tried to make it paper like "murders attempts", so I would RUN and "abandon the race" (which I did temporarily of course)...clever that satan puppet hum?

They even sent me a puppet (from the Mexican Mafia) in January 2012 when I was Living in L.A. with this message: "Take yourself OUT"...YEAH Right!

You have to give the SUCKER 666 credit for his job, he is "good"...:-)

He also makes "fun" of Marco Rubio calling him a "kid", well IDIOT I was born the same years as he, 7-26-1971 and my last name is the SAME.

And YOU KNOW that in 2016 there WONT be a USA President anymore, your EVIL New World Order will be here, while YOU will be on HELL already though...DEAD, hell does NOT exist like most people knows the term, actually THIS satanic world is like a LIVING HELL already....

Oh man, and MENTIONING the Boston bombings that YOU ordered to PLOT, "priceless" CYNICISM, typical of YOU and your "god"...

And it happens to be that while you are the 666 "ace RAT" of satan, that I have a BETTER pronunciation for that one, but since a KID writes this blog and mostly KIDS reads it, I will leave it as RAT for now instead :-), I am the 777 of JEHOVAH God, want to PLAY cards with me?

I will BEAT the CRAP out of YOU, let me tell ya that already "mister", lol...

Update 10-25-13:

Puro Agent 777 Baby!

Update 12-14-13:

"I will love YOU back...ah MAY-Be" (Obama the PUPPET Antichrist 666......)

Update 12-23-13: (Re-Updated on May 26th of 2014 again)

The ANTI-Christ and Jehovah's too of course His Father...

Update 2-19-15:

How this satanic NWO will start?

"Welcome" ArmagDEBTon in May 2015.....

The ONE: Agent 777! ;-) 



  1. You say that you are the 777, but I must ask, is it truely you that is the savior? If so then explain my being here and my ablility to understand the problems faced in the world and my ability to find the answers to them. Why exactly am I haunted by these thoughts of the world as it should be if I am not the one who is to make it so? By all means continue your works to save this world, but do not claim to be the answer if you do not posses the answers.

    Your truely,
    Scott Woodard

  2. Hi Scott:

    YOU got it wrong friend, I am NOT the Savior...just the messenger in how YOU can save YOURSELVES.

    And I am The ONE telling you the things coming (John 16:12-14).

    That is it, just a "paperboy" with the BAD news it seems, for MOST people that were expecting Paradise WITHOUT suffering a little bit....

    And YES I have ALL the RIGHT answers, at least the ones we need to know RIGHT Now....(they were GIVEN to me by the MOST High, Jehovah God the Almighty and My King Jesus Christ).

    I AM their Messenger.

    Imperfect and sinful like EVERYONE else...but STILL. ;-)


  3. Am,

    I have been through similar stuff as you recently, are you still alive...please respond so we can connect and sort through this puddle of lies.

    Sorry to say, I don't think you are a messenger, there is something else going on here.
    I too have had dreams years in advance that have saved my life from people i believe were trying to kill me. I too jave had the "777 awakening" . ..friends and family betraying me, work screwing me over, landlords screwing me over, tv shows and movies applicable to situations in my life, but there is so much more to what you think may be happening...
    We were born into the devil's world, there is a spiritual layer that prevents from seeing the truth, but we are being fed on... see movie The Matrix.
    The majority of the population is already possessed...see movie Fallen.

    Remember the devil is the great deceiver ...Obama is not the antichrist...but the devil definitely wants a black person to be so we can believe that his chosen supreme race are true hebrew israelites...
    The devil turns God's own word against itself so he and humans(unknowingly) can mock God. The devil uses religion to twist Gods true word...(Catholicism- worship of mary, eucharist is sun/idol worship) (islam - ritual worship of sun, idol worship of Moon and stars amd the mecca)
    Google "twelve tribes of israel -true hebrew israelites" some say caribbean and latin americans, native indian are true hebrew israelites

    Anyway, in summry there are a lot of lies and truth mixed together, the battle has been ongoing and a number of God's chosen are asleep in the matrix.
    They are attacking you because you are more awake than most. Your mistake was taking your medication amd going to an institute, because now when they do decide to kill you they can make it seem as a suicide. Also, your medication violates God's word about being in a different state of mind, and thus further separate you from God.
    But wean yourself off of it slowly! Do not just stop taking it completely.

    Google kundalini awakening and you will understand more of how you are being manipulated and controlled.

    Again, i am going through something similar to you, and would like to understand your experiences more so i can figure out with certainty what is actually occuring...

  4. You are wrong AM...there is a lot more haooening than you realize. You are not the messenger, but you may one of God's chosen that the devil is trying to discredit and destroy...or you may be messing with his plans somehow so he is trying to remove your ability to effect change.

    I have been through something similar to you and would direct you to watch these two mo ies... Fallen and the Matrix.
    I too have had dreams since i was a child. I too have been chased down and set up and made to look crazy... i believe that there are a number of us on this planet that are going through this because the devil wants to steal Gods throne...
    Im speaking very vaguely, but there is soo much ive been through just similar to you. The key is too keep the faith and have no fear.
    Remember your words are life and death.

  5. Hi +Deus Ex Machina:

    I AM Alive and I AM the Chosen ONE as well!...

    Regards Buddy! ;-)


    The ONE of Revelation 13:18.