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Monday, July 2, 2012


"In (Jehovah) God I have put my trust. I shall not be afraid.
What can earthling man do to me?"
-Psalms 56:11

You may want to memorize this Bible verse word by word, that David wrote when he was being persecuted by coward and unfaithful King Saul.

The wicked ones put their trust not in their false gods, and whom is behind them all, satan, because they are not trustworthy at all, instead they put their trust in their weapons...that they "don't go out with out"...

Isaiah 31:1 says this:

"Woe to those going down to Egypt for assistance, those who rely on mere horses, and who put their trust in war chariots, because they are numerous, and in steeds, because they are very mighty, but who have not looked to the Holy One of Israel and have not searched for Jehovah himself."

WHY do you think Jehovah and Jesus don't, and wont allow us to use weapons at Armageddon and the Great Tribulation?

Because they don't LOVE US, and they want us to see how we are unfairly and maybe with out any mercy being sacrificed, like they did to Jesus himself?

NO, they want to TEST YOUR FAITH!

Just like Jehovah did when Gideon and his 300 Mighty Men fought an army of 135,000 "powerful" men...

Who wont that battle, 301 men? NO, It's was JEHOVAH GOD.

Actually we have the best "weapons" that exist in our side, a single Angel of Jehovah killed 185,000 "powerful' men in a single night...What human can do that?

Only if you drop an atomic bomb in them, like they cowardly did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW2...they even took pictures as a "souvenir" how "nice" hum? I am currently living close to where they did the first testing of those Trinity Site in La Jornada del Muerto NM.

I can see the mountain that separates Truth or Consequences from that place, and no I don't want to see that "tourist" place, that is a shameful place that should be, and will be eventually erased from the map...

Those thousands of people who die BTW, were CIVILIANS not soldiers, those were the 2 most coward TERRORIST attacks in Human History...and who did it?

None other than the self proclaimed "righteous" ones that claim to "fight terror". They are the MAIN terrorists in this World, the other guys are just "barely amateurs" trying to copy their despicable acts... and paying them back with the same token!

But with just a sword killing 1850,000? No one.

You trust in "god"?, what God, Jehovah? NO WAY He is NOT your God, he is not a coward like YOU.

Do you think that the one who created the EYE, can not see? The one who created the brain can not remember?

You WILL PAY all your coward acts that you have done, do you think that you will be forgiven if you do once in a while "good acts" to try to "save face" with the World?

Jehovah does not care for the offerings of wicked ones, like He did not with Cain who was going to become the first coward murderer in human history...

Do you think that Jehovah God "by chance", chose this place to send His message Worldwide? (TorC NM)...He does NOT forget nor take chances!

And how Jehovah is going to repay your "kindness", and good acts" hum?

With Heaven? Don't kid yourselves lads...

This is YOUR "reward":

“And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite."-Daniel 2:44

And guess what? that Kingdom is already in force in Heaven, when Jesus was made the KING in 1914, and now HE IS READY to come back as he promised before his "departure", and "take care of business" once and for all...

But like a good gentlemen and King that he is, he has sent his messenger first, me, to tell EVERYONE what is coming...when and for how long. NO EXEPTIONS.

Does cowards do that? including the most coward one that exist, satan the devil?

No, they rid you with bullets from the back, or drop a bomb on you while you are slept...

Do you think that satan has not attacked me?

My whole life the coward has done it, since I was a little about that? your coward god attacking a "defenseless" little child in his sleep, and externally using all sort of wicked people over and over again...

If you see that, that someone is doing that to your own children, what would you do hum? nothing? just say: "it's god's will" matter who you are or how peaceful and good person, you would take what ever is in your reach and say: "game on, bring it on buddy!, you don't mess with MY family!"

That is the god you are fighting for?

He is not worth even a Penny, a Penny has the face of a Valiant Man, whom was also cowardly murdered because he wanted to free people from slavery, Abram Lincoln.

He should be not in a penny, but in a MILLION dollars bill!

This country indeed have had valiant and courageous people, like any other country in the whole World.

Emiliano Zapata in Mexico was also murdered by cowards, because he wanted to take the land from the rich and distribute it fairly to the poor...

They may had not know Jehovah God with exactitude, but oh boy were they known by Jehovah?!

Of course, that is the people that HE LOVES the most, He does not love cowards that kneels to other cowards...

And guest what? They ARE COMMING BACK TO LIFE again!

Would the Creator of the Universe forget one of His best creations? Forget it, they are worth more than 1000 cowards put together in a weight scale.

You heard me, they weight MORE than 1000 cowards that weight NOTHING!

Imagine when this Mighty and Valiant Men learn about Jehovah and his Divine Plan with exactitude... Will they do the same than probably YOU do now?: Nah not interested in "stories"...

They were NOT stupid, they will cry and kneel to Jehovah and Jesus, and will be probably one of the Prince's that the Bible speaks about of the Millennium in the New World.

Do you think that reading a few verses of the Bible once in a while, and attending your "church" on Sundays, and maybe put a $10 dollar bill in the basket (if you are not cheap, you may contribute that much), will save you?

You have to prove it buddy, ON THE FIELD!

Now, and at Armageddon and during the Great Tribulation!

40 years, so no easy way out for this, for anybody. Unless you "take yourself out" like cowards do...

If you do that, you are not worth of coming back, if you fail the main test, then what is in storage for YOU?

Would you accept back "friends" or even your ex-mate, that abandoned you when you need them the most?

Like everyone did with Job when he was suffering?

Maybe only if you are a just person like he was...

In the party everyone wants to be by your side celebrating your success, but look way back before that party, whom do you remember the most and maybe wish they were there with you?

All those laughing and having a "good time" with drinks (maybe just morons that love the easy life, and the rich that can provide that for them of course...) or the ones that cried with you, and fought along the way without never giving up?

If we are wicked and have a sense of fairness, now imagine Jehovah and Jesus!

Oh boy there is so much "stuff' that leads to another, that is very easy to lose track and deviate from the main theme, just like this World is right now, extremely "off course"!

If you are a soldier and enlist in an Army (legal or illegal like a Mafia), don't think that just because you are "following orders", that you wont be accountable for what you do.

Do you think that those cowards Nazis that killed millions of innocent people wont be accountable for their coward acts, before the King of Kings Jesus Christ?

Whom are they going to blame, Hitler? No, they chose that side because they shared the same "ideologies", I doubt that anybody joins a cause that they particularly don't like...

Would you like to become a Jehovah Witness? Why not?

It takes a lot of work, effort and self sacrifice to be in the good side, isn’t it true?

And with no "fast rewards", you may "pass on"...

What I have said about Witnesses not doing anything for those poor children that die everyday of hunger, it was directed as an Organization, not as individuals, there are many good people that contribute and help the poor as much as they can, as there are many people of other religious alliances that do that too, even some people that do not believe in a "god" do it.

They will be judged and rewarded in individual basis, not because they were "JW's" or not, like the GB says that only JW's will be saved, no Sir Jehovah God does NOT work like that, even satan the devil was a JW's himself, wasn’t him?

What ever YOU do for others in individual basis, is what it counts the most, not if you have a "badge" on you.

Some have told me that disfelloshipped or expelled ones form JW's wont be resurrected, and I have asked them to show me where in the Bible says that, they have not because is not in there!

So please do not speak from Jehovah, if you are not His Messenger!

Because of those blind and wrong human teachings, and deviations from God's Word the Bible, is why Jehovah has decided to extend the Great Tribulation for 40 years...we brought that into ourselves, just like the Israelites did when they failed Jehovah after He miraculously saved them from Egypt.

Or who saved them, Moses? Making a claim like that cost him also his own life, and he did not entered the Promised Land with that lack of faith generation either!

So if the GB does not give the "green light" for YOU, regarding this that is Jehovah's Message, what will you do, obey merely men, or JEHOVAH GOD and Jesus?

Is up to YOU, to prove whom do YOU LOVE the most, the Creator or the "creature"...

This is also a TEST for YOUR INTEGRITY, if you haven't carefully thought about that yet...

I have sent this message to them many times, and guest what? The very own wall that they had made, has stopped this massage to reach them!

What a "movie" my God!

Do you think that Jehovah God is stupid? Why he chose ME, to be His Messenger?

Because of my "good looks"? Or because of my "track service records"? Or because I was born in the "truth"? Or because this or that?...

Those that have halted the message from reaching the "top", are in the "bottom" and just following "directrices" (orders) from those on "top"!

They are one and the same!

And if they keep doping that, ALL of them will be removed from their positions, and Jehovah can put anyone He wants, yes even Emiliano Zapata or Abraham Lincoln. Would you like to see them in the GB? Me, YES of course! :-)

So as you don't have to put your trust in weapons, do not put your trust in "Nobles" either:

"Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs."-Psalms 146:3

Do you think I am an "apostate"?

Please go tell them to read this...and to come to meet me, I have been begging for that, for almost 6 months!

I would love nothing else than to meet them face to face, and tell them Jehovah’s Message directly, and guess what? That may actually come...

How? With my hunger strike...and if I die and they don't come, oh boy I would not like to be them at all!

Jehovah will send them the message by other means, even over my dead body!

Oh yes and I have a message from Jehovah God, for the most "powerful men" on Earth too....

If he is really smart, he may want to listen to Jehovah before He strikes him down, I would rather die in the hands of the enemy, but serving Jehovah faithfully, than die by the hand of Jehovah himself!


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