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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eye for an Eye...WARNING!

Update March 15th, 2015:

Since we miserably FAILED at this ONE:

When talking about an "eye for an eye", Jesus taught to turn the other cheek during the Sermon on the Mount.

You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". But I say to you, do not resist an evildoer. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. (Mt 5:38–39, NRSV)

This other ONE comes back...Eye for an Eye!

 "And a man who inflicts an injury upon his fellow man just as he did, so shall be done to him [namely,] fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Just as he inflicted an injury upon a person, so shall it be inflicted upon him." (Lev. 24:19–21)[8]

Update November 23rd, of 2013:

300,000 in the DEATH list at least...ALL Fools following "directives" of RETARDED Idiots!

"SomeTIMES the BEST Revenge is to SMILE, move on and do NOTHING!"

Armageddon Messenger.,,,"sleeping" on, on This ONE! ;-)

Update October 5th, of 2013: IMPORTANT NOTE!!!

Whom are EXCLUDED, from this "Deal" of a LIFE Time are:

The Governing Body of Jehovah Witnesses.

District, Circuit and City Over "SEE-s"+ ALL Congregation Elders Worldwide.

FINAL Update on December 1st of 2015:

Daniel 11:33 (New International Version):
"Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the SWORD or be burned or captured or plundered.

More Info Here:

OK then, lets DO the: Crystal CLEAR Sums...

This is a “comment” regarding the year of 1958 in the post 2058...but it's too large for a “comment” so I have to make it a post in itself...even though I said that I was done.

Even when I want to “quit” by myself, my BOSS don't let me just yet!

So if I want the full reward (eternal life, in peace and happiness with my loved ones) I have to work until He permits me to do so, and orders me to STOP...

Ok? So here it goes...:-)

The year 1958 may mean the year when Professor Charles Hapgood published his book The Earth's Shifting Crust” (originally got it from the movie 2012), and something like that was caused by the Deluge when it flooded the Earth with water and changed the continents “positions”.

May something like that happen again?

The Bible clearly says that Jehovah wont destroy the World again with a Flood...but it does not say exactly how it will be either...

The movie The Day After Tomorrow talks about sudden freezing...and people crossing the border illegally from USA into about that? I would love to see that! :-)

In the Vision I had of the start of Armageddon in 1990, there were a lot, and I mean a lot of war airplanes that covered the whole sky, Mexico does not have that size of air force in a single city (Guadalajara)...only his North neighbor has that many war airplanes!

Most people will indeed go south to avoid harsh winters, as I have already mentioned on comments regarding the Cast Away movie.

Would you believe movies instead of the Bible? Well those kind of movies are well studied by a lot of people, some of those findings exposed in movies sometimes precedes our generation, by centuries or even thousands of years...

Do you think that only the “chosen” ones can see “things” from God, or into the future? Well let me tell you this, 3 people in 3 different periods of my like, when I was 7, 9 and then 11 years old told me that I was a especial chosen one from Heaven...

Can anointed ones see those things? NO, only people that go into spiritism can, thing that is forbidden in the Bible, but nevertheless true...

Remember how the 2 men (that had demons inside like those people who identified me too had as well), right away identified whom Jesus was?

Their disciples, before he called them personally (good normal people) did that too? They certainly knew who he was (otherwise would had not abandoned everything to follow a “stranger” had they?)

Because they had heard what had happened at the time of his baptism, when Jehovah himself spoke and said that he was His beloved son whom He had sent, and whom Juan a well respected and acknowledged prophet of Jehovah God at the time witnessed, and gave his full support to as well.

But the case of the 2 men at the cemetery was very different because they were isolated from other humans...interesting hum? But nevertheless the demons inside them knew it. Did Jesus call the demons “liars”, solely just because they were demons and were not “trustworthy”? No, not even satan the devil lies all the time...does he?

And that applies to ANY being, human or spiritual even if they are “pathological” liars, they say many trues and then “bury” the lies in them. Isn’t how it woks? Ask Law enforcement official, they'll tell you, they study in detail that kind of people!

Regarding the future, one thing is sure, things will be you think that Jehovah God introduced me by “chance” into Black & White Large Format Photography when I was 18 years old?

If I had taken satan's offer at the same time, of becoming rich, “respected” and a “man of fame” in..I probably would have never learned Large Format B&W Photography...and even if I had later in life, would not be of any use for what it was in “store” for later months.

And what did I learn with B&W large Format Photography?

1-To interpret upside down images, where the right is the left, and the left the right...

2-That timing is extremely important, when taking the picture, developing the negative and then exposing the paper print, those timings must be extremely accurate, and any “shifting” from the recommended times in any of those 3 steps, and oh boy disaster is assured. No Bueno Amigo!

3-When you expose your paper print..and put in the developer, how the picture comes out? Little by if it was a “miracle”, a paper with apparently “nothing” in it...has a LOT of information that will be revealed and shown at it's proper time!

Don't believe the “miracle” term for this wonderful thing? Just show it to a young boy or girl that have never seen that or are aware of that process, and see their reaction for the first time...

That's exactly how Jehovah God works!

He reveals things little by little, and at it's proper exact time.

He is the MASTER Photographer in the whole Universe!

Everything is recorded in His mind, and I mean everything...can you imagine all those billions of people that had died in more than 6000 years of human history can be remembered? Did they all had ID's or even birth certificates, pictures of them, sculptures, paintings or whatever people made of themselves to try to be “immortals” and remembered?

In the past only the rich would get those things done for themselves...but the poor?

Jehovah has them ALL in His mind, none of them (that were good) are missing, and He will bring them back to life!

Even the resurrection will be extremely well timed, why? Because the last ones will be the first, and the first the last, like Jesus said.

What that means? That the last ones that died in Armageddon and the Great Tribulation, when the New World is established (I don't know how many years that will take after the END thought...), will be resurrected first.

But why? Because they only can identify, and personally welcome their past ancestors who may resurrect too.

Would you recognize someone in your family “tree” from 7 generations ago? Only a few can probably do that...

But the rest majority, no.

Jesus said that the one that he would send would reveal the things coming (and I AM “that one”)...the Bible was stopped being written a few decades after Jesus death, so even though the book of Revelation speaks of many of those things that would come in the last days, the whole BIG Picture is not in there, is it?

Would the apostle John (the writer of the Bible's last book of Revelation) or someone from the first century before him, had understood what those “things” on the sky were? (War airplanes that I saw in the Vision of 1990...)

And even if they had seen them, and had made reference to them as “big birds” flying, would they had understood why they were flying erratic?

Since I was a boy my other passion (besides 3-D photography and “motion pictures”) has always been FLYING, so I know a thing or two about that subject too!

I always wanted to be an airplane pilot since I was a young boy, but I did not pursuit that career later in life, when I was in age to do so, because I was poor and that means in Mexico that you must join the Air Force Army, thing that I did not want to do following Jesus orders, whom is MY KING and only to him and his father MY GOD Jehovah I fully obey.

Like I already mentioned, those airplanes were flying like that because the World's satellites will be destroyed first by the “Aliens”, that will be none other that Jesus himself and his powerful Angelical Army... and hence the World's radars and control towers will be blind...

And the planes will have a hard time seen who is behind, above or below them!

Flight at night? Forget it that wont happen, only in daylight! It was broad day light at the time of that Vision! All extremely IMPORTANT Details!

The one that has ears, put attention to what “Miguel” the Angel says to the Congregations! (and whom is Miguel? non other that Jesus himself!)

Does all that makes sense to YOU now?, when people from past generations resurrect in the New World, please tell them the “story”, and then ask the same question please..:-)

So to form the BIG picture later, other “pieces of the puzzle” were still missing in the first century of our era., and those “pieces” are from THIS Generation, the last one of this system of things.

If all the pieces were found before,someone before me would have “figure” it all out.

But have they? Ask you religious “leaders” what they say it will happen in the future, how the END will be and when it will start, and how long it will last...

Not even the anointed ones from Jehovah had done it! They are currently 10 people in the Governing Body of Jehovah Witnesses, all “well versed” (better than me for sure) and with decades of Study of the Scriptures...some of them where even born in “the truth”. I wasn’t...But Jesus said that his messenger would tell THEM the things coming, he did not say that he would send someone “among you”, to tell the rest the things coming, did he?

And he was always direct and clear with their disciples. Even when he was talking in parables, he would explain them clearly at the end, so they could understand what he wanted to say...didn’t he?

The JW's Governing Body is a “think tank”so to speak regarding the Bible, and yes they are, they have almost “everything” figure it out by now, except:

1-How the Angels really look like.

2-About the “beard issue not been clean”, a creation of Jehovah and NOT of the devil who has not created anything. So please STOP calling “unclean” a creation from Jehovah, who said that before me?

3-That we although must obey governments in most regards, we are not bound by all of their they laws. Are we? If they forbidden us to preach, whom would you obey, them or Jehovah?

The brothers that are in countries around the world doing that ILLIGALLY already, don't deserve privileges in the Congregation? They deserve them even more than the rest of us “legally preaching” isn’t it true?

If so, then why brothers that are POOR, and hence the “lesser ones” among YOU, that some of them even had to risk their lives crossing dangerous borders full of criminals and rapers, can not even be ministerial servants?

Hum what explanation can YOU give to JEHOVAH, please tell HIM!

You want me to continue?

I will “stop” here at the moment, because the “dirty clothes should be washed at home”...

But If you don't stop those things and other like those (that I will tell you privately) NOW, you will be judged as those from the NATIONS, or even worse because you are NOT IGNORANT of Jehovah’s Love and Kindness, as they are...

And Jehovah and Jesus have a long list for YOU to hear dear brothers...would you accept me as a member of the Governing Body after I tell them? Was Jesus accepted by those in charge of the “temple” in his day as their “own too” or what happened to him?

Are you going to do the same with ME? Killing me “spiritually” and saying that I am a “apostate”? Like they told JESUS himself as well?

Remember carefully how things had gone ALWAYS with Jehovah’s messengers...are you different than the rest of “recipients”? That's what everybody thought of the ones that precede them, isn’t it true?

Jesus said that he would come first to judge his own “house”, and he is starting to do so NOW...he is sending the message first, then if ignored, then the consequences will come...whatever they may be.

So please tell me, if I am not Jehovah’s and Jesus Messenger, WHO before ME, has “figure it all out” regarding all this? YOU?
Even myself I would have NEVER figure it all this by myself, like I had mentioned before...without all those Visions from Jehovah God, that were like pieces in a puzzle that needed to be put together at it's proper time.

And that time HAS COME!

And also without the protection, that I have received from being killed before everything has been revealed at it's proper time...I have had “lives like a cat” don't have an idea...

I am NOT taking ANY personal credit on any of this, that's why I am explaining everything in detail as much as I can, this is from JEHOVAH, and I am only an “instrument”...

I am not even revealing publicly my name, that's NOT important, although many people knows me who I am, because that also serves a purpose believe it or not...just think what purpose can it have.

I made my face public, because a man and messenger must face the recipients of the message, and stand by the words of whom sent him.

Only the cowards like satan hides and uses other people to “reveal himself” or to act in the shadows, I am not a coward, otherwise Jehovah would not have used me. The cowards won't inherit God's Kingdom, Jesus clearly said so.


Ok then, so now that the BIG picture is almost fully “developed” and kind of ready to “ship home”. I am almost done with my assignation, and the most sure is that soon I will “surrender” my life as Jesus did to when he was done.

This was a “suicide mission” right from the beginning, just like the one from Jesus was too...that's why I was reluctant and in fear to raise a family (I started at 35 by an “accident” when my first son was born), because I did not wanted my children to be left without a father...

Buy you know what? my physical father was not with me for 40 years and I could survived just “fine”(with a LOT of sufferings that were part of the “training”)...because I had my Celestial Father with me the whole time. Jehovah whom is my God, Father and best Friend!

And He forever will be, as long as I live...and I plan to live forever, I don't know about YOU though...

This is for the WORLD now: this is not a “threat” to anyone, it's “just” a WARNING, whoever kills me now, he/she will be killed in the same way that they do to me, within A YEAR of my “departure”...and even if they are only the “intellectual” murderers, and there is one or many physical murderer (s), ALL of them will perish in the SAME WAY.

And at the time of the beginning on the start of Armageddon in 2018, and later on in the Great Tribulation of 40 years, that will also happen to ALL that kills other innocent of blood human beings, NO EXEMPTIONS!

Got it?

My “theory” that I wrote before, regarding that if some one kills you they are killing themselves, it wont be a “theory” anymore, it will be a FACT, starting with me or in 2018 whichever “comes first”.

And all of those coward criminals that do it are NOT coming back, EVER, no resurrection, no “second chances”, nor “after life” judgment, it will be a “judgment express” that they themselves will bring into their heads...

YOU kill an innocent of blood, you send him/her to the New World...and YOU disappear from the Universe F-O-R-E-V-E-R, Forever!


We don't need guns, or to take personal revenge, other ones like YOU, will KILL YOU.

Or if others like you don't physically do it, Jehovah will make it happen, an “accident”, a terminal disease or even a heart attack will come upon YOU within a YEAR...

Would not give you a heart attack seen “the ones” that you murdered “coming from the death” after you?...oh boy I would not like to be in that position...even YOU may kill yourself to “make them stop”...

Jesus said so: whoever kills with the sword (any weapon is the same), will be killed by the sword.

That “rule” of Jesus, even applies today for most people and cases (even when some ones murders a despicable criminal in revenge), but some of those ruthless coward criminals that kill others (innocent or not) “evade” justice and die old and in “peace” can you be in peace even with yourself, remembering all those that you had murder? getting”high” solves the problem for you?

Or killing even MORE people? Just like a drug that you need more and more all the time to feel the same “effect” as the first time?

And who I am to GIVE THESE WARNINGS to Everyone? I am JEHOVA'S Messenger.

And He does NOT make exceptions when judging ANYONE.

Don't believe me? Just disregards these warnings, and You will find out sooner or later, if I am who I say I am...

And the most important, WHOM THE SENDER of this message IS!


Update 2-28-13:

All of these is according two 3 previous divine laws:

1-Deuteronomy 32:35

"Vengeance is mine, and retribution" (Jehovah's words) 

2-Romans 12:19

“Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says Jehovah.”

And in the last one (that was actually the first in human history...if Jehovah had compassion for murderous Cain who killed his own son, whom Jehovah God loved deeply, Abel...after this coward act from Cain, and in order to protect his life Jehovah set this imagine HOW more will do so for his LOVED ones at the time of Armageddon (2018), & the 40 years that will follow in the Great Tribulation (until 2058...if the days are not "shorten" like Jesus said...).

Genesis 4:15

“At this Jehovah said to him: “For that reason anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance seven times.” And so Jehovah set up a sign for Cain in order that no one finding him should strike him”. 


Update April 30th of 2013:

Update regarding the “EYE for an EYE warning” chapter/post, whoever kills a Jehovah Witness from TODAY forward (April 30th of 2013), ALL the material and intellectual murderers (even the spies and informants), will DIE in no more than 365 days (1 year) after the fact, and they WONT be resurrected to be judged in the New Just World to come, they will die in FOREVER terms.

So THINK TWICE before you kill a Jehovah Witness.

And I am ONE of them too…

And that rule applies to their direct families as well if they are killed, even if they are not JWs…

And whoever WANTS or TRY to kill my 2 boys, it would have been better for them and ALL their families to have NOT been born…

This is NOT a threat, is a WARNING!

If Jehovah has stopped planes from going down because of me, and other wonderful MIRACLES I have seen my entire life, how He will do for them?...

They are SAINTS and I am not…

Remember, for every Jehovah Witness left alive, people in YOUR side will be also left alive in he same number after Armageddon, so if I was you I would actually protect them!

40 years are 40 years…better than nothing!

Jehovah puts the RULES not satan…

If it was for satan power and will, this world would continue “forever”…

But it WON’T.

Armageddon Avenger.

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