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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nobody knows the day nor the hour...

“Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the Angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father."-Matthew 24:36

Jesus was speaking to his disciples (they were the ones who asked him when the END would come).

He only gave them the "signs of the conclusion" of this system of things (satan ruling on earth).

That period clearly begun in 1914.

Many brothers, including Charles Russell who found out that date with the help of Nelson Barbour (BTW, none of them "officially" Jehovah Witnesses yet at the time, just like me in 1990) thought that the END would come that year...but it didn’t.

So Jesus was right, his disciples would not know (as a group), exactly the right date.

I already mentioned that he did not tell them that nobody would know the YEAR in the future, did he?

Just to give you an example that is not so difficult nor "impossible" to figure it out the year after all...

Lets say that from 1914 until lets say another 120 years in the future (no one of that generation would be probably alive after 120 years...), we ask different persons to pick up a date for the END to come.

How many people would be needed, with a different date to find out the right one?

120 x 365 = 43,800

Some one among those 43,800 people would "get it right", don't you think so?

Of course!

And that applies for any number of years you may think of....isn’t?

After all, there are more than 7 billion people alive today...

And since we are living in 2012 now, we only have 22 years "left" from those calculations (1914 + 120 = 2034 - 2012 = 22) , so only around 8000 people are needed now (22 x 365 = 8030)..."coincidentally" around that number are the ones of the anointed still living...

I already mention as well that neither I know the hour nor the day (in 2018) as Jesus clearly said it so...

Jesus told his disciples that when they might not think of, is when it will come...

Whom ever before me, has mentioned 2018 for the possible start of Armageddon?

Clearly "no one" is expecting that date, not even Jehovah’s "Discreet Slave" on earth (JW's Governing Body).

Would they "accept" my "discoveries" as a Bible "prophesy"?...I doubt it, so Jesus words would be right even on this issue!

But why choose a "sinner" and imperfect man like me to reveal this to?

Who isn’t?

YOU, them? Please tell me...

Jesus said this on Matthew 11:25

"At that time Jesus said in response: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to babes."

-Can I be considered a spiritual "babe"? Of course!

I have never had "privileges" in Jehovah’s Organization...other than the GREATEST one that it actually exists, that is to be a baptized publisher of the Good News!

So if you are waiting for some one of the Governing Body, an Anointed one, a District or Circuit Overseer, or even an Elder or a Ministerial Servant to get this "right", you will be waiting and waiting until that date actually comes!

And I don't really know yet for sure, if I am myself an anointed one...but at least I am not "officially" at this point, so it does not count yet, does it?

By some Visions that Jehovah has gave me, they indicate that I may be one...but a "especial kind" that is not written in the Bible...

Which kind ? one that can probably be returned as a human being, after he/she completes his/her "mission" in the celestial realm...can such exist?

Do you think that are "impossible" things to do for Jehovah?...not me.

This is the message Jehovah commissioned to Jonah to give to the city of Nineveh:

"At that, Jo´nah got up and went to Nin´e·veh in accord with the word of Jehovah. Now Nin´e·veh herself proved to be a city great to God, with a walking distance of three days. Finally Jo´nah started to enter into the city the walking distance of one day, and he kept proclaiming and saying: “Only forty days more, and Nin´e·veh will be overthrown.” -Jonah 3: 3,4

Jehovah clearly told them the "date" of their END, isn’t it?

The results of that precise warning?

"And the men of Nin´e·veh began to put faith in God, and they proceeded to proclaim a fast and to put on sackcloth, from the greatest one of them even to the least one of them. When the word reached the king of Nin´e·veh, then he rose up from his throne and put off his official garment from himself and covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the ashes."- Jonah 3: 5,6

All of them repented, even the king. So Jehovah forgave them all, and did not bring the destruction that for sure He would bring if they had not repented.

See? sometimes being "direct" is the best way to evade great calamities...and "tragedies".

If Jehovah felt compassion for just a few thousandths of humans at that time, don't you think that He would feel a greater one for more than 7 billion people living today?

The Great Tribulation and Armageddon will never be repeated again in human history...and even when Jesus words were accurate at the time when he said them, that does not mean that Jehovah would not change His mind to reveal the precise year date later, does it?

Jehovah changed His mind about the destruction that He had planned for Nineveh after all...

Does that event teach us something about Jehovah’s personality, and how He deals with us imperfect humans?

Unfortunately even revealing the year, thats doe not mean that the world as a whole will repent as the people from Nineveh did...

How do I know that? Is already written in the Bible, and I already saw the End of Armageddon in one of the 2 Visions I had in 1990...most people will be dead by the time Armageddon ENDS.

The Bible never lies, Jehovah knows the END already from the beginning, not that everything is "written in stone", but He being the Creator and knowing His creations (us) better than anyone, He can with all certainty predict what most people will like when YOU already know some one who is "predictable"...

In the other hand, the Bible already says too that there will be millions of survivors after Armageddon, and I had a Vision when I saw that myself, so not all is "lost", but it depends on YOU, your own "faith"...not even Jehovah can predict with exactitude what would YOU do, can He?

If He knew what the people of Nineveh would do for sure, He probably would not had warned there was a "doubt" in His heart that they may repent, because if He was perfectly sure of their badness without any way of possible repentance inside their hearts, He would just had destroyed them with out any warning at all...

Does it makes sense to YOU?
Jehovah is a Loving God that ALWAYS makes sense!


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