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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've already mentioned that according to some trustworthy calculations, Noah lasted building the ark around 50 years.

Well, there is something very interesting about that and what has happened in modern times too.

I've already mentioned the importance of the number 3 in Jehovah’s divine purposes.

If my calculations of the END, (not the start of Armageddon) are correct, and it happens in 2020, if we deduct 3 times 50 (150), it would take us to 1870 (2020-150=1870).

What happened that year?

This is taken from Wikipedia regarding the life of our dear brother CharlesT. Russell (under Early life).

"In 1870, at age eighteen, he attended a presentation by Adventist minister JonasWendell. During his presentation Wendell outlined his belief that 1873 or 1874 would be the date for Christ's second coming. He later stated that although he did not entirely agree with the arguments presented by Wendell the presentation itself was sufficient to inspire within him a renewed zeal and re-establish his belief that the Bible is the word of God."

In that year is clear that the "building" of the modern "ark", Jehovah's terrestrial organization begun...

Is interesting also that CR was 18 years old at the time, just like me when Jehovah revealed to me the 2 Visions regarding the start of Armageddon in 1990...and CR is how I write my real name sometimes...

Pure coincidences?

Make your own conclusions...


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