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Friday, March 1, 2013


Ok, it seems that most people CAN NOT see the forest for the trees...

I will TRY to explain it ALL, brief & simple in this post.

If YOU don't save YOURSELF, when Armageddon comes in 2018, and then the following 40 years of Great  Tribulation (the END will be after that time...) NOBODY will do it for you, sorry.

Jehovah God, Jesus and their powerful Angels will help you no doubt about that (like they have done with me my whole 41 years of life...) BUT, there is always a "but" isn't it?

They want to SEE you DO YOUR own part, everything in this life is a TEST if you have not figured that out yet...

No easy tickets or a "way out" for ANYBODY, NO exceptions, we ALL are equal into Jehovah's eyes.

You say you LOVE yourself, your neighbor & GOD?

Good, you will have 40 years to PROVE IT!



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