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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letter to the United Nations and USA Government

This is a letter for the United Nations and to the United States of America Government (via USA Gov, CIA and WhiteHouse):

I am Armageddon Messenger and I was sent by Jehovah God and Jesus Christ my God and Lord and King respectively, to let you know that Armageddon will start in 2018.

For you to be sure of whom I am (a sign), Jehovah will make it happen that Obama will be reelected this year for a second term as the USA President, and he will be "strike down" (dead) in May of 2015 by a "sunset" country (maybe China...)
All this is of President Barack Obama, is according to a prophesy in the book of Daniel 8:3-14.
Armageddon Messenger.
August 23,2012.

Update May 26, 2014:

Bull-SHIT Obama, the satanic PUPPET Anti-Christ 666 Last Home! ;-)


 The Loser's Standing SMALL
Beside the Victory
That's her Destiny
ME: The WINNER Agent 777, Baby! ;-)


Update March 3rd 2015:
 PS. Hey Bull-Shit Lame-Obama, I had this converted to 3-D* in CHINA! ;-)


Note: *Anaglyph 3-D needs Red and Cyan Glasses!

Update 5-28-15:

It seems that the 2300 Days of the "Reign" of the satanic PUPPET 666 Barack Obama were BIBLICAL (360 Days per Year), so at that counting the NEW date is June 8, 2015 (otherwise at 365 Days per NORMAL Year, Obama would have DIED on May 9, 2015).

Jehovah God MAY Extend his satanic life a biy as a BONUS..NOT because he DESERVES it, but because MILLIONS of Lives are at Stake HERE...and Jehovah CAN see way BETTER than I CAN.

This is a Game of Life and DEATH that is been played right now, and SOME of the Movements (NOT Armageddon date though, of July 10th, 2018), depend on the ENEMIES Moves as well:

The ONE!


  1. I am reminded of Deut 18: 19 - 22 and Mt 24: 36

  2. Yes Jehovah will require an "account" from me as if I delivered His message properly or not. I even sent letters of this to the Governing Body of Jehovah Witness... remember Jesus said in John 16:12-14 "I will sent some one" that will TELL YOU the things coming, that is me!

    Regarding "nobody knows the day and hour" I agree, I don't either, but the YEAR is different isn't it? Jesus omitted that...and he said those words almost 2000 years ago, that does not mean that he does not know NOW!