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Monday, March 19, 2012

"I myself, Jehovah, shall speed it up in its own time"

"I myself, Jehovah, shall speed it up in its own time." Isaiah 60:22

I mentioned in my first post about the 2 visions I had back in 1990, and that I remember them now like if I had them last night...well, first off since I have an extremely bad memory how can that be possible?

When I had those 2 visions (in different nights each) I knew right away that they were no regular dreams, and I told a couple of persons about them at the time. But they did not believe that they had come from Jehovah God. After a while they kind of convinced me of that too, and I continued with my life as always.

And it wasn’t until the beginning of this year (2012), realizing that I had no escape from my death this time (Jehovah gave me a vision where I clearly saw it), and thinking in how many times He had saved me before, I prayed to Him asking why I was saved so many times and what was the purpose in my life, what was my assignment?

I wanted to know before dying..."Please Jehovah hear my pray and respond to me" I told Him.

And then Jehovah opened my mind and I started to remember the 2 visions...

Yes that was the reason! The important message I had to deliver!

After a few days of that, the year 2018 was reveled to me too.

Why I had those 2 visions 21 years ago and not just recently?

Because it would happen the same thing it happened in 1990, nobody would believe me, and even for myself it was kind of difficult to understand the meaning of them and be sure that they came from Jehovah God.

So other things had to happen before I could realize that they indeed came from Jehovah God.

What happened in 1990 and a little bit earlier in my life, so I could be tested to see if I was indeed prepared and worthy for this assignment?

Jehovah doesn't choose people just by accident, He watches them first for a while and makes sure that they indeed love Him, and have what it takes to pass the tests that the enemy certainly will put in front of them.

The Bible says that the coward would not inherit God's Kingdom. Revelation 21:8

That is a required aspect in a Christian personality, to be courageous. It's not so easy to oppose the god of this world nor the majority of people under his rule. 2 Corinthians 4:4

And Jesus said this as well in Mathew 19:29 "And everyone that has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive many times more and will inherit everlasting life."

That does not mean to abandon our loved ones, but to put Jehovah’s kingdom first above our own interests. Mathew 6:33

Here is a brief story of my life:

When I was only 12 years old in 1983 I fell in love with Jehovah God the very first moment I learned His name and His plans to reinstate the Earth to a paradise, as it was intended since the creation of human kind. People will not have to die there and will live in happiness forever! What can be better that that?

But right after that, in that same year it was the first time that the Devil appeared to me...imagine a boy of that age experiencing such horrible event! If it wasn’t for Jehovah's help (I prayed to him) probably I would have died of a heart attack.

Then in 1988 when I was only 16 years old, in my first "official" Job I had the offering of a life time, I started working in the cleaning department of a big grocery/department store chain in the city I was born. That store was the number one in sales in the whole country (of all stores regardless of chains), and the general manager of it was a well respected man and known to be a genius in the whole country. Everybody tried to copy his sales strategies. He had physical resemblance to Adolf Hitler...and as him, he was also feared by most employes. He was know as #1, of all number ones...

In the first couple of hours of me working in the company, he approached me and congratulated me for my hard work since nobody before had cleaned the area I was assigned to, that well. He told my supervisor to keep an eye on me.

Well to make a long story short, after a while I was offered a supervision position, to be # 3 in my department...but I rejected it for many reasons...then #1called me to his office to talk to me and to find out why I had refused such good opportunity, I told him some of my reasons. One of them was that #3 on my department was my friend, and that I had seeing him suffering a lot because he felt that I was going to replace him. He needed the money more than me since he was older and married and had
a small kid. I did not want to do that to him nor to his family.

Then #1 said that it was good of me showing mercy towards a fellow employee...and now he liked me even more!

He said that he would keep #3 in his position then (to make me happy) and that I would become #1 right away...#1 was going to be offered the same position in a new store with a significant raise, for the trouble of having to travel more.

He said that such position was the beginning of a wonderful career, that I was too young still (only 16 or maybe 17 already) but he would train me in different departments to learn them from the bottom up, and after a while I would become #1 in each department he would assign me to.

He also said he would pay for my studies so I could become a manager like him one day. And that he personally would teach me all the "secrets" to be successful, he was going to be sort of a "godfather" to me. Imagine that, I was poor and one day I could be like that man, rich, successful and respected. A man of fame.

He was not only the number one in that store, he had a second store under his direct supervision and was a key member of the corporative body of the chain of stores.

Some people who found out about what it was offered to me could not believe it, they would give anything to be in my position. #1 knew that he was going to retire one day, and I guess he saw in me his possible successor.

But that had a price, I would have to dedicate most of my time to achieve that goal, spend more time at work than the regular 48 hours a week, plus going to school after work.

#1 almost lived in the company...and I had to do the same at some extent if I wanted to be like him.

He told me to think about it for some time, and I did...and then after some time I was called to talk to him again, and I told him that I was not interested since that would impede me going to Biblical study meetings, and that for me God's Kingdom was first in my life. He could not believe it!

I thought that he would fire me in the spot since he was a man that did not like to hear a "no" for an answer, but he did not fired me right away...he was more smart than that.

Even though he did not fire me that day (everyone was surprised of that) he would not give up on me that easily, he sent other people to talk to me constantly besides my own supervisors....he sent all the store general managers #2, #3 and #4 to try to convince me...none were successful either.

They thought that I was crazy...they could not believe how I was choosing a "Bible study career" that would get me "nothing" at the end most said, over such magnificent opportunity...they themselves wanted to be like #1 one day...but he would not offer them to teach them personally all that he knew.

After exactly 1 year I had entered the company he lost faith in me and I was let go, he finally fired me...I don't know what happened to that man, the only thing I know now is that such stores chain was acquired recently by the largest retailer in the world. If I had listened to that man, probably today I would be an important manager in one of the largest corporations of the world.

I don't regret my decision I made back then at all, because that opened the opportunity for me to learn a career that I really like and has more relevance in recent human history as it serves to record it, Photography and later I learned Video recordings as well.

At the beginning of 1990 a horrible event happened that would change my life forever...the aunt that I loved the most and the one that choose my two names, and who loved me like the son she never had...was murdered. She was only 36 years old.

When I heard the news I was in shock, I could not believe what I was hearing....she died in a foreign country, and it took several days to finally bring her body to our country. That whole time was for me like if I was in another own dimension of pain and grief. I could not even cry.

When she finally arrived home and when I saw her so beautiful (she reminds me of Marilyn Monroe), it was for me like if she was just asleep, I did not want to think that she was really dead and that she would not wake up and mention my name or hug me like she had done before...

But I did not cry either...I was born in a society where men are not suppose to cry (at least in public).

And it wasn’t until the next day when her body was been buried at the cemetery that I went away from the people to cry alone...I cried like never before in my life, I felt a pain so deep and intense that I started to talk to the Devil himself in loud voice since I knew that he had killed her...and not only had killed her but killed all those thousands of people that were at that huge cemetery all around me...and all the billions of humans that had died trough out more than 6000 years of human history, commencing with our firsts fathers Adam and Eve. He mislead them into a path of disobedience (and hence killed them all).

I told him that he was a murderer a liar and a coward, and because of him human kind have suffered so much, that I hated him with all my heart.

I also told him that if Jehovah God would give me the opportunity and power to do so, I would get rid of him myself. That it was proper that a human being would take "revenge" so to speak, for all humans. Or at least participate or be witness in the matter when the time finally come for his destruction.

And I know that he was listening, and not only him but Jehovah God as well. I started praying to Jehovah while I was still crying...until I fell asleep on a tomb. It was about to get dark when I woke up and I went to the place my aunt was buried, but nobody was there anymore.

At the distance I could see some people, then I approached them, they were some family members that were looking for me. They told me that they had been very worried about me, that a lot of people had been looking for me and could not find estrange because I was not too far away from them...but that place is huge.

I did not say anything to them, I just said "lets go home".

A few months later is when I had the 2 visions.

Like I said in one of my other posts, the enemy has tried to kill me since I was 6 years old (in 1977). How do I know that it was him? Because it was a trap that I fell in, set up by one of my friends. It's a long story, but in short I did not know how to swim and I fell in a dam. While I was drowning I could see my friend's face, he had a demoniac smile and expression while he was watching me drowning...he had told me before going to that place that nothing would happen to me, that I was safe with him.

A few seconds before my imminent dead, he finally jumped and saved me. Later I asked him why he was smiling and took him so long to jump to save me, he said that he did not know what happened to him...a strange thing.

Some other times that I have been saved were maybe caused by accidents or even negligence on my part. But nevertheless the enemy would have been very happy if I had died in them.

These are the other most important incidents that I am aware of, and I can remember now.


I learned how to swim after my horrible experience when I was 6 years old...I leaned too well that I got too confident. While on vacations in Acapulco Mexico I went away from the beach and I started to test how long I would last floating (without a life jacket)...all was going great until I got a leg cramp...I could not move my leg and I started to have problems to stay afloat. I started to ask for help but people in the beach could not hear me since I was too far away. Then I prayed to Jehovah God for help...after a few seconds and when I started to drown, incredibly the leg crap stopped and I could swim to get to safety.

3.-While in the same vacations, a few days later we went to an open sea beach...with huge waves and very dangerous. For a while I did not want to get inside, but later on I thought that I would go only close enough to the beach to get to safety quickly if needed.

But the problem is that when I was already inside, the sea would not let me get out! The waves were enormous and were crashing exactly were I was...they would revolve my body like a feather towards the sand...I could not breath...there was nothing I could do, I had not strength towards the immense power of the waves. I thought that I was going to die there...but again I prayed to Jehovah and the waves kind of lowered their power and I could escape alive.


I was 16 years old and I was sitting talking with a friend outside a church that it was in the next block from my home, I had never been in that spot before...after a while we heard people screaming, when we looked towards the noise there was a man running towards us...while other man was behind pursuing him, shooting at him with a gun. We immediately got up and started to run...I could hear and feel the bullets passing me close by....oh boy that was scary. Thanks God none of them reached us.


I was having a discussion with one of my brothers in law in the street very late at night, when a SUV passed by and someone inside it yelled at us offenses, I told him to mind his own business. The vehicle stopped and a lot of guys got out of it, some with guns in their hands.

Because of the commotion and noise some neighbors started to get out of their homes to see what was happening, if it wasn’t for that people they would have shot me for sure. Later they investigated who I was (since I was wearing a uniform of the company I worked for at the time) and some people at work told me to quit my job and hide because those guys were very dangerous. The "head" of the group and who yelled at me was the son of a corrupt powerful politician, and they indeed had killed other people and committee all kind of crimes. I did not quit my job, and soon after that they were caught and were put into prison for other crimes they had committed before.


While traveling in an airplane, I was sitting in the window side just by the left wing of the plane, at mid flight I started to see a lot of heavy dark smoke and fire coming trough the turbine. They were explosions and it was getting on fire!

When I saw that I froze, I could not even believe what my eyes were seeing...I could not speak.

I thought that the plane was going to go down and that I was going to die there for sure...

But thanks to Jehovah God that did not happen that day, but unfortunately for others another plane of the same company went down a few months later and killed 18 people on board (more would have been killed, but most of the passengers got out of the plane in the two previous stops).

The reasons for the crash were attributed to poor maintenance standards (in order to save money) of the airplanes fleet, that constantly were failing and reported, but were not given the proper repairs.


I had already made arrangements to go to New York city for vacations. On September 11th of 2001 at 8am I was going to be at the twin towers...but by my surprise some change of plans at the last moment were made by the person I was going to go with. If gone there, would we had survived what happened later that day? Probably not since we were planing to go to the top right away.


I had an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol (yes you read that right), I lost control of my vehicle in a frozen road while trying to brake at a stop sign, and crashed with another vehicle that was parked in a parking lot across a busy road, that road is transited by trailers all the time...I don't even want to think about what could have happened if I had crashed with one of them....

The next day of the accident I went to see my SUV, I could not believe when I saw it how a person could have survived such a horrible accident, even the sunroof was broken...It seems that I hit it with my head at the time of impact. But I did not suffer any injure at all!


While traveling in my car from South Carolina to Wisconsin, I took the long route because I wanted to visit Memphis, that is a long story too, and you have to read it to understand why I was so tired and fell asleep on the wheel. After driving the whole night I was already "out" in the land of dreams...and all of the sudden "somebody" woke me up, strangely I felt refreshed and was not tired anymore. Just like those movies where the main character appears in a different scene after traveling to the past...

I was traveling around 85MPH or more since I wanted to reach the city sooner (to get some rest)...7 seconds or so after I woke up it was a curve. I would had never survived the crash at that speed.

If it wasn’t for a calm that embraced me some how, I would probably have panicked and not be able to negotiated the curve at all!

How do I know that such thing would have happened? because when I was a boy I used to walk asleep and most of the times when I woke up I was in shock an terrified.

The next exist was Bethel Road (that means "House of God") and near by is the first road I was aware of with God's name. Yahweh Road.

That happened in Olive Branch Mississippi in the border with Tennessee.

I wrote at that time an article about that incident and published it in the internet, and how it can be possible that the Creator of the Universe only "deserves" a tiny road named in his honor? Well because this is the enemy’s world now and he has many and bigger places named after him, like lakes caves etc. Think about it, who is more "famous" now, Jehovah or Satan the Devil? Which name you learned first when you were a kid?

In the New World, Jehovah is not going to have only a small road named after Him, but the greatest and most beautiful boulevard that humans have ever seen or made, and it will circumference the whole Earth.


While traveling from Wisconsin to Los Angeles in my car and after noticing I was being spied and followed by many people, (they started to follow me months before) I changed routes to try to escape from them, when reaching Denver I changed course and I headed south, but since I was already really tired I stopped in Santa Fe New Mexico to get some rest. In the morning there were already waiting for me outside the hotel...but they let me continue with my trip...they probably thought that it would be better to get me in the desert all by myself.

And they almost did that, when one guy traveling in a mini van with Illinois plates finally reached me, and I made sure he was indeed following me (through certain basic tests I performed) I started to pray to Jehovah for help...there were not many cars traveling in that road nor cellphones had signal. While I was still praying something happened that I was not expecting nor my persecutor either, a check point in the border of Arizona and California. The guy who was following me got very nervous since for sure he had a weapon with him...He did not pass the check point, and thanks to Jehovah I could reach L.A. in safety.

It was September 11th of 2009 and the highway was the Interstate 40 at around 6pm, that guy ended up in a California prison for sure. So unless someone wipes out or changes the evidence, is still there to be confirmed.


While working in Milwaukee taking video outside in the street, a guy almost killed me with a knife as he was approaching me from the back, seconds before he got to me, I turned, saw him and escaped.


Inside a small store a guy with a gun hidden in his jacket got inside after me while other was waiting for him in a pick up truck, if it wasn’t for two men that entered the store at the time he would have shot me right there in front of the attendant.

And there are many others instances like that since the beginning of 2009 and until now, in all of those occasions I escaped because I was warned in visions the night before...and others by observing carefully peoples movements and reactions to mines.

I could probably write a book about what happened recently in California, all the mafia was moved to try to locate me since I tried to escape from them, and they did located me in the end (I had a previous vision about that persecution and what would happen in the end too), they have "eyes" and people every where, they work well coordinated and are professionals in the crimes they commit. They are despicable murderers just like their father Satan the Devil. But they are no match for Jehovah God, Jesus nor their powerful army of Angels, who will take care of all of them at the end.

I am happy knowing that none of such people will inherit Jehovah’s kingdom, they all share the same responsibility and will be accountable for, from the ones that only spy people to the ones that actually carry out the murders...I can not believe that they even use teenagers! What kind of punishment they deserve for that?

Now, people cannot believe how a single guy with apparently "no power" can survive a powerful mafia..."you would have been killed already if they were after you" I have heard, Yes that is true if I have not had the protection of Jehovah God, Jesus and their powerful army of Angels.

But all has it's limits, Jehovah God told me thought a vision in 2010 what to do to be saved...but I disobeyed him, not because I wanted to do it in purpose, but because I was weak and I did not realize at the time what was at stake in the whole situation...and hence I will die for sure this time.

Knowing my great mistake at the beginning of 2012, I prayed to Him like Samson did at the end of his life....Jehovah listened to him and helped him for the last time...and He did the same with me.

Moses also saw the promised land from a distance, but he did not entered it because a mistake he made at the end.

Anyhow I am grateful now that Jehovah made me remember the 2 visions, and probably used me to set the date for the start of Armageddon as well (The Great Tribulation). If I had failed and died before delivering the message, Jehovah would have used another messenger, because nobody can stop him from carrying out His will.

Think about it, would you like to be in my "shoes"?...not all are prepared for this or willing to do it.

He has already millions of His servants preaching that the end of this world is near and that the New World is approaching. Would you like to be one of them?

There will be challenges for sure and more as the time is getting near, but also many blessings now and in the future even more to those that obey and have faith in Jehovah promises. He would not forsake the work or love that you show for Him and your neighbor preaching the Good News of Jehovah's Kingdom in the hands of His beloved son our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

What I have learned from all of this?

First that Jehovah never forgets the love people show for His name, and even though when some commit sins due to our inherited imperfection, Jehovah is still with them waiting for them to repent. Just like what happened to David and later to his son Solomon, they made mistakes too (some of them very serious) but Jehovah stood by them and not abandoned them most of their lives. But for the latest his "faith" at the end is unknown...only Jehovah knows if he repented or not.

Jehovah does not judge people by a few incidents in their lives, He takes into account everything involved (even Satan's influence in the matter) and also if they truly repent and make changes in their lives in the right direction.

In the same way, to be loved by Jehovah and your name be written in the book of life, it takes more that sporadic good acts, even bad people do them once in a while...while still keep being bad in most aspects of their lives.

He sees the whole picture (sometimes we are not aware of all that is involved)...and what is inside peoples heart.

Also seeing the power of the enemy and his followers, and being witness of the vast superior power of Jehovah God, has made me realize that they are still humans with no "super powers" at all. And even though Satan wants to kill all the people who sides with Jehovah he just can't, hence he uses other tactics to try to separate them from God's love just like he did with our first fathers Adam and Eve. So be careful of those tactics as they might be more dangerous that a direct persecution like in my personal case that has had actually the opposite effect, my faith has been strengthened and my love for Jehovah reassured at the end. I chose the right side.

Also that the 2 visions are trust worthy and accurate since they come from Jehovah God.

Would the enemy warn people of what is coming and put himself an end date to his world that he enjoys a lot controlling and playing with?

He is mad, but not crazy, he knows perfectly what he is doing.

I am happy and calm now knowing that my life has not been in vain, and that even though I failed many times in my life, Jehovah God has not abandoned me completely, and He knows my most inner feelings and know that I love Him with all my heart. He know me better than I know myself.

And He has not forgotten that boy that showed courage and love for Him since he was 12 years old.

I am still the same one with the same convictions and love, and there is nothing that the enemy can do to me or to the chosen ones that Jehovah God cannot undo at it's proper time. The enemy followers are the ones that should be in fear and worried because they chose the wrong side...the side that will lose at the end and that it will be destroyed in forever terms, not just temporarily.

I know that they will read this, I am writing this also for them to show them my love since they are humans like me, and to warn them of what is coming soon. Is an invitation to leave the darkness and come to the Jehovah forgives in great manner. Maybe it's your last chance. Think carefully and chose your side better while you still have an option, at the end it will be too late, no forgiveness at the last minute, sorry it does not work like that with Jehovah God.

What are 7 years or so of "absence'" in comparison to an eternity? If I am resurrected again in the New World, although I will never forget all of this and the pain I have experienced in my life, all my sufferings will be not important anymore when the Earth will be filled with truly Peace and Security and all of the chosen and blessed humans will live in it in complete happiness.

What ever happens to all of us good or bad, can serve us at a later time if we know how to use it wisely...

Jesus told us to love our enemies and pray for them, and I try to do that except for one that I will never love.

He is beyond any repentance, and he knows that, and that the writing on the wall has been set up for him and his Jehovah God through the ones that the enemy caused the most damage to, human beings like me.

I am happy knowing that Jehovah God himself is speeding up things, and that the time has come for this old and corrupt world, to give pass to the New World.

All Glory and Praise goes to Jehovah God, the Creator of the Universe and all in it...the only true God.


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